Pricing and optimizing are the key to income and season extension in the tourism industry. 

With correct pricing and optimization you will sell/rent more and increase your income.

I can help you with this as to accommodation and excursions. 

Correct pricing creates more value to you and your guest. 


A travel experience is special and very elusive, your guest is almost everybody, who likes to travel and experience. That is why it is so important, that you make yourself clear, what you ar offering, to which price and which target group or market. 

There is a very close link between sales channels and pricing.

Today we also have many online sales and marketing channels. You can choose to sell your product through other operators or travel agencies and thereby save marketing expenditure og you can choose to sell directly to the end customer and finally, you can do both and that demands correct pricing. 

I will advice you which is the best way to sell your product.

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