Counselling in tourism, product development and marketing

Oda Wilhelmsdóttir Andreasen has thorough experiences in tourism. She finished her education in tourism in 1997 and did her traineeship on the Faroe Islands Tourist board.  

Since then she has acquired thorough working and leadership experience within the tourism industry. She has working experience as Tourism Manager in Løkken/Vrå municipality for five years. She has also worked as product manager with Stena Line Denmark, where she was responsible for package tours to Norway and Sweden, summer and winther.

Oda moved back home to her Faroe Islands in 2007 and worked as sales manager with Smyril Line the first year.

In 2009 she changed her trade and worked as chief of the stores, purchase and service area with the Faroese Telecom. The last 8 years, she has worked in the marketing department in Tryggingarfelagið Føroyar, a faroese insurance company.

In the summer 2018 she finished her 4 year education in HD Marketing Management and decided to return to her favorite trade, tourism.

Based on her thorough working experience in tourism and education within tourism and marketing, she offers councelling in product development, tourism management, pricing and marketing. Moreover she offers advicing to municipalities and tourism industry in sustainable tourism development and strategy. 

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